• Little Saigon

    Little Saigon and Tendernob

    Little Saigon and the Tendernob are two Tenderloin neighborhoods that are home to large immigrant populations and some of the best food in the city. Join us as we take you on the only food tour of this district and explore the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and beyond!
  • The Mission

    The Mission District

    San Francisco's 1st neighborhood, The Mission District is still the heart & soul of this vibrant city. This area is so rich in culture, that we have 4 Mission food tours & 2 neighborhood walks.
  • North Beach

    North Beach

    North Beach is that rare thing -- a neighborhood that manages to be a perennial hit with tourists, and also to remain beloved by San Franciscans. It's San Francisco's Little Italy and the home of the beatniks.
  • Scenic Running

    Scenic Running

    Just a short run from the urban landscape of San Francisco's busy city streets you will find numerous trails and parks offering phenomenal views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the City Skyline and other gems.
  • Chinatown


    Established in the 1840s, San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Our food and walking tours are 2nd to none.
  • Parrots!


    Wild Parrots in San Francisco? Yes there are officially at least two flocks of wild Parrots here. These Parrots have evolved into a brand new species of parrot indigenous to San Francisco.



San Francisco became a city during the Gold Rush of 1849, prior to that it was a sleepy backwater named Yerba Buena. But soon after the Gold Rush came years of of economic insecurity and then, financial panic. That all changed in 1859 with the discovery of silver in the Comstock Lode. San Francisco would then become a teeming metropolis and an awe-inspiring jewel of the Victorian era. Much like the boomtown that San Francisco is today, this new era of almost inconceivable wealth is legendary, yet the poverty and desperation of the lower classes helped to create an are known as the Barbary Coast, where the excess of the Gilded Age would be degraded to the lowest common denominator. Even by today's standards the Barbary Coast was completely over the top. It was an area so rife with vice that the naive or intoxicated could be easily tempted to part ways with their money, or even, sometimes their freedom.

Because the political landscape was considered so corrupt, an emperor was proclaimed in 1859, lived in San Francisco and was said to wander the city with two dogs, Lazurus and Bummer . He attempted to solve the civil war and end anti-Chinese sentiment. He also ordered the construction of the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Transbay Tube in the 1860's. The self proclaimed Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I was the Emperor of the US. He declared himself the Protector of Mexico in response to the French invasion of Mexico in 1861. Luckily, on Cinco de Mayo 1867, Mexico ousted the French so the Emperor did not have to send any American troops. Emperor Norton planned to marry a very famous young harlot of the time, Minnie Rae, Minna Street is her namesake.



She could have been his emperess, but by the time he proposed,
she was already engaged to another. Heart broken, he died not long after.



Against this back drop we will look at the city as it was at the time. This is an easy walk with no hills and is a historic look at San Francisco in the 19th Century, from the Gold Rush, from the Big 4 Railroad Tycoons, through the Comstock Era's ridiculous amount of wealth, leading into the Gilded Age. This is easily one of the most fun and most interesting history tours, anywhere...

*Montgomery Block *Wells Fargo Museum  *Hippodrome *Alleys of Ill Repute 
 *Lola Montez   *Jackson Square *Buried Ships *Pacific Heritage Museum 
*Emperor Norton *Pony Express                         *Barbary Coast *Minna Rae Simpson
*Playboy Club                           *Hotaling Whisky       *Shanghai Dens *General Sherman's Bank
*Stanford, Crocker,
Huntington, Hopkins
* Mark Twain *Adolph Sutro * Ghiradelli Chocolate
 * Oofty Goofty     *Portsmouth Square * Secret Tunnel                            *The Original Federal Mint 


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