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  • Little Saigon

    Little Saigon and Tendernob

    Little Saigon and the Tendernob are two Tenderloin neighborhoods that are home to large immigrant populations and some of the best food in the city. Join us as we take you on the only food tour of this district and explore the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and beyond!
  • The Mission

    The Mission District

    San Francisco's 1st neighborhood, The Mission District is still the heart & soul of this vibrant city. This area is so rich in culture, that we have 4 Mission food tours & 2 neighborhood walks.
  • North Beach

    North Beach

    North Beach is that rare thing -- a neighborhood that manages to be a perennial hit with tourists, and also to remain beloved by San Franciscans. It's San Francisco's Little Italy and the home of the beatniks.
  • Scenic Running

    Scenic Running

    Just a short run from the urban landscape of San Francisco's busy city streets you will find numerous trails and parks offering phenomenal views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the City Skyline and other gems.
  • Chinatown


    Established in the 1840s, San Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Our food and walking tours are 2nd to none.
  • Parrots!


    Wild Parrots in San Francisco? Yes there are officially at least two flocks of wild Parrots here. These Parrots have evolved into a brand new species of parrot indigenous to San Francisco.

ChinatownTea Time



We take you to places that you
wouldn't be able to find on your own...

Explore the establishments frequented by the people in the know, locals.


Enter the gates of Chinatown and you enter a parallel world. Popularly known as a “city-within-a-city”, the district lives up to it’s nickname. Chinatown has developed independently on its own terms and now boasts its own government, foods, festivals, traditions, over 300 restaurants, and as many shops. Visitors can easily become immersed in a microcosmic Asian world, filled with herbal shops,temples, open-air markets, pagoda style roofs and dragon parades. The scent of green tea and incense hangs in the salty ocean air. Red and gold lanterns flutter in the breezes that blow off the bay and in the afternoon they cast an other-worldly glow in the fog. Alleys with signs written in Chinese house apartment buildings and businesses alive with activity. The residents tend to their daily lives in a language that is foreign to you, and although you can peek into schools, temples, and hospitals, visit shops and tea houses, the truth is that English is not the language most residents speak, Cantonese is how one communicates here. Suddenly it hits you that you are the foreigner, an observer in a distant city, submersed in a culture that is thousands of years old, and steeped in tradition.

You have been transported to Canton, the sights, the sounds, the scents on the breeze, the language, the people, it is almost disorienting, or maybe enchanting is a better word to describe just how deeply you feel immersed in a different time and a different place. Yet this walking food tour is of Chinatown in the heart of San Francisco.

We are going to see the captivating sights and enjoy the culinary delights, of this exotic district, one of the oldest quarters of San Francisco. We are going into places where if you weren't born and raised in Chinatown, you'd never know they were there, no English is spoken by the staff, and English isn't spoken by the patrons. Luckily, you will be in good hands with us. So you can relax and not worry about ordering, just enjoy and take it all in. Come, explore Chinatown with us, on our Explore the Real Chinatown Food Tour, the very best and most authentic food tour of Chinatown.

Visitors to Chinatown expect something they won't find anywhere else. They expect to be stunned and captivated and tempted with great food. And you will be. Customers of Explore SF expect to see the city as locals. And you will. Guests on a Chinatown Food Tour expect to see and taste the familiar Chinese foods they know so well and to sample and be delighted by the exotic and new flavors to be found in Chinatown. And you will . We will show you Chinatown as we would show our own visiting family and  friends. We will show you the Chinatown that tourists rarely see, the alleys and side streets of Chinatown, this is where the locals do their daily business, leading their everyday lives, which is after-all, the real Chinatown, and our final destination.

Watch the premier of American Canvas on the Ovation Network below:



    Exotic food sampling along the entire route of this walking food tour

  2. Here is a Sampling of our Tastings:

    San Francisco Shrimp and Chive Dumplings
    Pan Fried Dumplings
    Pumpkin Cakes
    Xiao Long Bao
    Chinese Bakery Moon Cakes
    Chinese Bakery Egg Custard Tarts
    The best Won-Ton Soup
    Assorted Traditional Dim Sum
    The best Chicken Wings
    Salt and Pepper Dungeness Crab (in season)
    Pot Stickers
    Clay Pot Sizzling Rice Soup
    Turtle Soup
    Spare Ribs
    Peking Duck
    Star Fruit
    Tea tasting
    Chinese Mai Tai
    Street Buns

  1. Shopping Opportunities for you to Enjoy:

    Chinese Open Air Markets
    The Wok Store
    China Live
    Fortune Cookie Factory
    Herbalist Shops
    Tea Importers

  2. Chinese Cuisine Invented in San Francisco:

    1. Chop Suey
      Egg Foo Yung
      Moo Goo Gai Pan
      Shrimp in Lobster Sauce
      Almond Chicken
      Crab Rangoon
      Salt and Pepper Dungeness Crab
      Mongolian Beef
      Kung Pao Pastrami
      Fortune Cookies-From Golden Gate Park- Japanese Tea Garden, 1915

    2. In Between Courses and Shopping, The Tour May Also Visit:

      Back Alleys and Side Streets
      Buddhist Temples- If open
      Herbalist Shops- If open
      Open Air Markets
      Chinese Cultural Society or Chinese Historical Society, depending on time
      Portsmouth Square, St Mary's Square, St. Mary's Church
      Waverly Place
      Ross Alley
      A Haunted Theatre
      Jack Kerouac Alley

    3. Historic and entertaining experiences narrated by knowledgeable local guides.
      Explore authentic foods which showcase the best of Chinese cuisine in the San Francisco tradition.
      No culture can claim a deeper passion or dedication to their own culinary tradition than the Chinese.
      The Chinese diaspora has given the world one of it's greatest national treasures, it's cooking.
      This tour embraces this love of life and eating as a way to celebrate it.

      "Eat now, it's later than you think.", Chinese proverb.

    Historical Society

    Explore Chinatown Food Tour

    Explore the Real Chinatown Food Tour

    • What: Explore SF: Chinatown Food Tours

      When: Saturdays at 11:00

      Cost: $99.00

      Where: Easy meet up location emailed after reservation is made

      Who: Explore San Francisco

      How: Book Online Now! 


    • Or call:    415.504.3636 Ext 102   

      Other Considerations

      Gratuity for your tour guide is customary, though not required.
      The industry average is 20%, and can be given to your guide in cash at the conclusion of your tour.
      We recommend making your reservation at least 7 days in advance to ensure availability. Ticket sales end 24 hours before each tour.
      Tours require a minimum of 4 guests to run. If your scheduled tour does not reach this minimum number of guests then we will attempt to find another date that suits your schedule.
      24 hours before the tour, sales will end. At that point a final decision will be made by the tour guide whether or not to conduct the tour
      Because of agreements with many of our tour partners, we must cancel tours with less than 4 guests in attendance. Please check your email.                                                                                         


    Chinatown Walking Tour

    Take a photo tour of some of our previous trips: Explore Chinatown

    Francisco's Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in North America and the
    largest Chinese community outside Asia. Explore San Francisco shows you
    the real Chinatown, the Chinatown where the locals live and tourists seldom

    We have daytime walking tours, historic tours, food tours, tours of Chinatown
    with North Beach or North Beach and Chinatown at night.


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    Package Tours

    Custom Tours, Private Tours, Corporate Events, & School Groups, are welcome anytime

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    Relive the golden age of ChinatownSculpture in local shopChinatown Food TourChinatown Food TourChinatown Food TourChinatown Food Tour

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