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    San Francisco's first neighborhood, The Mission District is still the heart and soul of vibrant San Francisco. This culinary journey is so wonderfully vast that we've split the Mission into two tours
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Explore Alcatraz and the Mission District Food Scene

Alcatraz Mission

On a mission to the Mission,
to Alcatraz and beyond.

fo Although it seems like it was designed r food tours, the Mission District is San Francisco's first neighborhood and remains the heart of this vibrant city. First established in 1776, the Mission Dolores is the oldest building in San Francisco, the Mission Dolores Basillica was dedicated by Pope Pious in 1951. Arguably, the best neighborhood for new and exciting restaurants, this area is home to many world famous murals, Victorian homes, sidewalk cafes, and a thriving arts scene. Yet,  surprisingly, The Mission remains largely free of tourists. You will be seeing the  neighborhood as a local amongst locals.

San Francisco's first neighborhood is also the first place that visitors want to go to try both
the traditional Latin American food as well as the cutting edge food that has put this district firmly on the culinary map. What was once a neighborhood left alone by outsiders,
the neighborhoods of the Mission now attract countless people from all over the world in search  of the food they've heard about. Explore the Mission District Food Scene with us



Alcatraz Island has long been one of San Francisco's most recognizable landmarks and most popular destinations, almost everyone who comes to San Francisco wants to explore the
island and prison — and now you can explore it like no other. Our Explore Alcatraz Tour Packages combine the best food tour locations in the city with the most popular island in
the Bay.

For the Alcatraz portion of your tour, you will board an Alcatraz Cruises ship for your journey to the island. You will receive an audio headset with the narrative available in several languages. You will disembark on the island for your self-guided tour with your headset and
on the island you will find docents to help guide you or to answer any questions. You may return to the mainland any time you like with ferry service running approximately every 30 minutes.
Further and more detailed insructions will be given to you after you have booked.

Package your Alcatraz tour with one of these
Mission District Food Tours:

Mission District Food Tour- North

The Mission District Food Tour-North takes you inside this vibrant neighborhood which is
home to dozens of restaurants, with seating for thousands along the Valencia Street Corridor from about 16th to 19th Streets. Besides the quality of the food, which is the result of such fierce competition, the diversity of the food is probably the biggest draw to this area's eateries. Our Mission District Food Tour takes you into this delicious and exciting world. Our guides, your hosts, don't have scripts to read, as they all live in this neighborhood and know these streets intimately.

$149 Saturdays @ 3:00 packaged with morning Alcatraz tour
    More info

Mission Food and Drink Tour

So what is better than a Mission District Food Tour? A Mission District Food & Drink Tour! Eat your way through the 16th and Valencia Corridor, where we might try food from around the globe, but not only will you eat your way across the planet, you'll sip your way across the Mission. Depending on the evening and the places that we will stop, you will either have two or three cocktails*, beers or wines; you may even have a flight of drinks to savor. It all depends on the flow of the night but whatever the flow or the route, or our stops, you will have a great time as you imbibe special drinks chosen to pair well with the food du jour. * Drinks will be limited to 2 or 3 total alcoholic beverages for your safety, and per our liability insurer.

$169 Saturdays @ 3:00 packaged with morning Alcatraz tour
 More info

Mission Vegetarian Food Tour

The best and most authentic food tours in San Francisco, Explore San Francisco Food Tours welcome you to experience the "Mission: Vegetarian", a Mid-Mission vegetarian culinary tour celebrating eating better and sampling some of the best vegetarian and vegan food anywhere. No omnivores will go away feeling unsatisfied from this food tour, the food is so good it's inspirational.

$129 Thursdays @ 6:30PM packaged with morning Alcatraz tour
More Info

Mission Sweets: A Dessert Tour

Like our other ExploreSF Mission Food Tours, our dessert tour will not be the same tour two days in a row. There are so many choices for wonderful stops for dessert, we couldn't just pick a few, so we will try to go to them all. Making a rotation every few days, from cucpcakes to hand-crafted ice cream, from pie to small batch chocolates, from Maple-Bacon donuts to Whoopie Pies, if it's sweet, and it's good, it's here for us to discover as we Explore The
Mission District for the best desserts in the city.

$116 Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays @ 3:00 packaged with morning Alcatraz tour
More Info

Whether you pick the Northern Mission Food Tour, which is a culinary tour the through the Valencia Street corridor, the Mission Food and Drink Tour, the Mission Vegetarian Tour, or the Mission Sweets: Dessert Tour, you are in for an amazing and delicious food tour as we take
you to the best the Mission has to offer on the best and most authentic Mission Food Tours that San Francisco has to offer.

These fully escorted walking food tours bring you the best of food and drink in the most vibrant of San Francisco's districts. Experience great food, and so many things to see... Combine a walking food tour with Alcatraz and it's an incredible San Francisco day.

First Step: Book Your Alcatraz Tour

Mission North with Alcatraz... $149
Alcatraz and Mission North
Mission Food and Drink with Alcatraz... $169
Alcatraz and Mission Food and Drink Tour
Mission Vegetarian with Alcatraz... $129
Alcatraz and Mission Vegetarian Food Tour
Mission Sweets with Alcatraz...$116

Alcatraz and Mission Sweets: A Dessert Tour

After booking your Alcatraz tickets
Use the code provided to
Book your Food Tour last

Food Tour Schedule:

Mission North Tours: Saturdays @3:00PM
Mission Vegetarian: Thursdays at 6:30PM
Mission Food and Drink: Saturdays @3:00PM
Mission Sweets: A Dessert Tour: Thursdays, Fridays. Saturdays, and Sundays@ 3:00

Mission Food Tour North
Mission District Food Tour- North

Mission Food and Drink
Mission Food and Drink

Mission Vegetarian Food Tour
Mission Vegetarian Food Tour

Mission Sweets, A Dessert Tour
Mission Sweets

Please note that the cost of the Alcatraz ticket portion of your package is $37.25
And is included in the price of the package.
Alcatraz tickets may not be sold individually but must be part of a package.
All other Explore San Francisco tours can be sold individually.


Explore San Francisco Mission District Food Tours and Alcatraz Cruises depart
on the date and time specified.
The exact time of your Alcatraz departure will arrive via email within 48 hours of booking

If your food tour is scheduled in the afternoon, your Alcatraz tour will be before noon.
If your food tour is before noon, your Alcatraz tour will be in the afternoon.

We also have Alcatraz Tours with North Beach and Chinatown

Reservations Call Center:

415.504.3636 Ext 102
Fax: 415.504-3657
Information, or Reservations

Alcatraz and Mission Food TourRoxie Theatre and street performerDay of the dead and Mission DoloresMission Bike Lane, Mission IndianMission Dolores and Mission Sweets

Please note:

Alcatraz tours must be sold as part of a package and cannot be sold separately.
All other Explore San Francisco Tours are sold individually.



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